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The FSC Ltd is looking to expand its auditing resources:


We are looking for like-minded individuals with the skill to "add value" to the auditing process. This requires the ability to give objective, pragmatic and honest advice in an unaccredited consultative audit environment in order to help food suppliers achieve consistent food safety standards. Some UK retailers have concluded that there is a need to combine this type of consultative audit approach with the current accredited BRC standard in order to protect their specific brand integrity requirements, and to ensure their "Real World" food safety risk is minimised by using experienced food safety professionals who don't just "tick the box".  

We have a flexible approach which may meet your needs and those of the FSC and their clients, are you:

  • an interim or associate food professional looking to fill gaps?

  • an established food consultancy business with some spare resource?

We have a cross sector requirement for experienced food safety professionals who can "hit the ground running". We would expect:

  • food safety auditing experience.

  • a Food Science based degree.

  • 10 years' experience in food manufacture Technical / QA roles. 

If this describes either yourself or your company and you wish to discuss these opportunities further, please use the contact box on the right hand side of this page and we will be in touch asap.

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