- Established for over 25 years


 - Factory design in UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA, India, Sri Lanka & Australia. Projects up to £30M. Green and Brown field projects.

- We provide a design service to match your factory requirements & customer needs. 


- Our consultants have up to 40 years experience in the global food industry.

Design Scope

We provide initial design expertise to establish client and customer needs. Cross functional support is provided as a Project Team member throughout the project with Retail Customer communication provided to create "buy in" to food safety design features. Final "Snagging" service is provided to complete build to design criteria.

Design Criteria

We provide advice to meet specific design criteria for specialist food industries such as High Care, Canning, Chilled / Frozen  and Cheese & Dairy. Our advice provides adherence to legislative, global standards and Retailer Codes of Practice.

Applied Design

Our service calls on our real world experience of over a 1000 global food manufactures. We provide practical and pragmatic advice on Process, Fabric and Equipment design that includes a review of People Flows, Segregation / Cross Contamination Risk Assessment and Amenity / Utility Risk.

Our Portfolio includes:

UK : High Care Chilled Deserts. INDIA : Spices. USA, FRANCE, SPAIN & SRI LANKA : Herb Processing. ITALY : Liquid Egg Processing. AUSTRALIA : Ready Meals