August 1, 2016

Food supply chain probe to track fatal E.coli

By Michelle Perrett, 20-Jul-2016

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is investigating the food supply chain – including food manufacturers – to track down the source of the latest fatal E.coli outbreak. 


April 15, 2016



Simple paper test could better detect food pathogens


By Will Chu, 14-Apr-2016


A simple, paper-based test could help detect food pathogens before they reach supermarket shelves and restaurants, say Korean researchers.

January 24, 2016



Seven sick from Listeria in Canada

By Joe Whitworth+, 21-Jan-2016


Canada is investigating seven cases of Listeria monocytogenes with a link to pre-packaged leafy greens, salad blends and kits.

December 14, 2015



Waitrose recalls mint sauce that may contain glass

By Alice Foster,





Waitrose has been forced to recall jars of mint sauce that may contain shards of glass, as a number of supermarkets were hit by recalls this week.



November 26, 2015

Turkey boss sets out goal on campylobacter


Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall has set out his mission to make poultry the meat of choice over the next 10 years by preventing campylobacter food poisoning.

September 8, 2015

E.coli sickens 38 people with link to salad

By Joe Whitworth, 08-Sep-2015


E.coli linked to prepacked salads has sickened 38 people in the UK, according to Public Health England (PHE).


August 10, 2015


With the arrival of The Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7, food processors & manufacturers now need to include Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessments in their Food Safety Management System.



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The new requirements for a vulnerability assessment is de...

August 8, 2015


More than 300,000 households in Lancashire have been told to boil drinking water after contamination with a microbial parasite.

Routine tests by United Utilities found traces of cryptosporidium at Franklaw water...

August 7, 2015

The article below details research into new technology to detect metal contaminants in food.


SQUIDs: The future of food inspection?

 Picture: Toyohashi University Of Technology. SQUID-based contaminant detection system


SQUIDs: The future of food inspection? By Joe Whitw...