Why Benchmark?

Aim : To deliver a clear and objective pathway to WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURE that meets "Best Practice" against Global Food Safety Standards.


Benchmarking is a unique and flexible tool developed by The Food Safety Consortium Ltd to :

  • MEASURE an individual site or group of sites against all current Food Safety, Legal and UK Retailer standards (BRC, IFS etc)

  • PROVIDE an understanding of the areas of non compliance against the standards.

  • CREATE a visual priority chart identifying areas where more control is needed.

  • FOCUS on an improvement pathway to World Class Manufacture.


  • COMPARES single or multiple sites, divisions and product categories within an organisation.

  • RECOGNISES areas of individual best practice for sharing across the Group..

  • IDENTIFIES trends and areas of risk to prioritise and focus business resource.

  • ADAPTS to specific Product Sector / Retail Customer / Organisation providing bespoke evaluations.